BRIAN enjoys investing, golf, travel and eating yummy food. Fully appreciating the difficulties of finding the perfect gift, he hopes to use his experiences to help ease the process for all.

BEFORE BUTLUR: Brian was an internationally ranked junior tennis player and traveled the world to compete in tournaments. After graduating from Amherst College, Brian worked in consulting and investment banking before being accepted into Columbia’s prestigious Value Investing Program. After graduation, Brian was looking at global public investment opportunities for a US$40B investment fund in New York.  

GIFTING MOTTO: Find gifts that will surprise, take a calculated chance and be rewarded for it.  



MIGUEL is our technical expert and brings with him a wealth of experience that will enable BUTLUR to move forward in innovative directions.  

BEFORE BUTLUR: Full stack programmer and server administrator working in IT business for more than 14 years with extensive experience as a CTO and entrepreneur.  Previously, he was founder of Kaizen Digital Marketing Agency based in Argentina, with clients all around Latin America and Europe.  He was also founder and CTO of NetNet Social CRM with +200,000 users running.  He was selected as a young promising entrepreneur under 30 for the Global Sandbox Network.  


Strengthen bonds between discerning people by facilitating meaningful interactions, starting with gifting.


Connect people through the first gifting social network, curate a thoughtful selection of gifts and provide gift recommendations based on personality profiles


We actively seek out partners that make positive social impacts and only operate in verticals where we can be efficient and resourceful.